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Remembering our Indigenous Strengths & Ancestral Wisdom as we Live Through Complex Trauma

Dr. Sandra Martin Harris

This session comes from a place of ‘All my relations’, an Indigenous philosophy which means ‘We are all related’ or ‘We are all connected’. The Presenter will share indigenous ways of interconnectedness, with land, water, and all that is to help transform vicarious, intergenerational and or collective trauma. Learn how our intergenerational indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing help us connect to greater wellbeing.

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Ethical Considerations for Telehealth with Historically Marginalized Communities

Drs. Jessica Smedley & Bedford Palmer

The presenters will provide an overview of ethical considerations for practicing video-based psychotherapy, describe best practices to use in virtual settings and discuss the nuance of ethical considerations in terms of ensuring inclusivity of people from marginalized communities.

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Dance with the Ancestors: Ethical Decolonial Psychological Interventions

Drs. Melinda A Garcia and Kee Straits

This is a 1/2 day, interactive workshop that will introduce decolonial ethical values based in the knowledge of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. These values inform a way of looking at all living things that is in sharp contrast to the framework espoused by European colonizers. The presenters will demonstrate how these traditional Indigenous values inform a strengths-based approach to working with families, communities and individuals within their land-based contexts.

Pre-Conference Workshops

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